aa0_3188.jpgYou are passionate about your work and the path you have chosen? Your faith is an integral part of your life and your values?

You enjoy spending time with your family and friends? Still, you have no one who shares the same struggles in your working life?

You feel quite alone trying to balance faith and work, but you strongly wish to grow as a person and professional rooted in your values?

These questions and desires were also ours, when the first IYPN team members talked about those challenges on a spring day in 2016. The very same day the network was founded and since then we have dedicated with great enthusiasm leisure time into setting up this platform. Since then, our desire has been the creation of network that is an answer to the needs of young professionals all over Europe and abroad, to whom their Catholic or Christian faith is dear and who share our vision and goals.


IYPN’s mission is to connect young Christian professionals within their fields of qualification in order to create a breeding ground for new ideas, projects and personal as well as spiritual growth. Through their networking events and social media work, IYPN offers a platform where young professionals can exchange their experiences, discuss new ideas and where they can deepen their knowledge through intellectual, spiritual and cultural input.


We strongly believe in the extraordinary potential of encounters based on common values -for the greater good of the individual and society. We believe in the unique value of exchange of experience and of best practice among peers also across cultural divides. We are convinced that it has the power to reveal immense hidden potential that will help them to flourish in their personal and professional lives.

Our vision is to shape a culture of networking among Christian young professionals so that it would help them to become the best version of themselves. Furthermore, we strive to inspire many young professionals around the world to join our efforts and to attend or to organize such opportunities even themselves.